The Usefulness of Dreaming.

Tell your brain what you want to dream about.

I heard that this really works. I will try it a few times just to see.

There must be something to dreams, I mean more than what has been studied.

Why we dream is fairly well understood. So are the benefits. It clears things up in our heads,our Libido etcetera..

But is there a deeper meaning? A cause ? A Serendipitous happening ? A clandestine meeting? What?

Maybe it is just therapeutic. I  have noticed that I ,most of the time,have felt better  upon waking.

I am happy to have dreams again.  I don’t think I care about the whys and wherefores  we have dreams. To just dream is good enough.


The Dream is real if….

Come to me in my sleep . Let’s talk while I dream.

Come dressed or naked. In colour or in shades of grey.

We can go to a summer park and sit on the bench

The flowers there are not that near the dump with stench.

The sky is as blue as we want it or as filled with fluffy white clouds; as many as we want.

Every passer- by is friendly and will smile. We can cuddle or just talk about what ever comes to mind

They  nod their heads and say “hi!” We reply  in like. They are always kind.

Later, refreshments are served near the park’s fountain, sprinkling us with cooling refresh.

We can run and play in the sun,  with the children, yes, …we are there as children too .Or we can be what we are. We become children again! Or we can stay women and men.

Isn’t that wonderful?  Isn’t this place the greatest? Yet we are alive and well… Oh what joy! What a dream!