The Love Vault-

Ever listen to a song you used to hear a lot many years ago, and remember where you were when you first heard it? You can remember who you were with listening to it? You laughed or nearly cried or felt whatever the song gave you.And if that singer or band did no longer exist…what do you feel… loss or gratitude;glad you heard them do it when they were alive!
Ever watch a video of your favourite singer or band and some may have passed away recently and you get that nostalgic feeling;but you feel emotional thinking (Wonder what they felt like . Singing with their friends and enjoying the moment?) But they are not here now. Or See an old movie and the scene his unforgettable and touching. You felt that scene to the core. But they are not here. Did you ever wonder and or hope they know you still care and love watching that scene?
was watching the “Rat Pack” kabbitzing with each other on a “You Tube”- video…they had some laughs and sung their hearts out…and had fun being there in that moment. …But they are dead. They are gone to whatever the “here after” provides. Do you hope they can still sing together?
I was a teen then and could not go there to see them in person…but wished I had.
Other cases are when looking at your old photo album and seeing your deceased loved ones …perhaps at a banquet or wedding happy or caught in a funny pose…? But that was then, they too are no longer casting shadows. I enjoy the moment but then ask why and where and feel oddly sad and happy. There has got to be a place where these feelings go. Perhaps God keeps a Love vault- where great,good times and the memory thereof are kept forever. And they too can yet re-live them.


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