Month: January 2014

Imagine this: “the lupine effect”as a movie.

Can you turn a book into a screenplay?Can you get the gist of the story and can you see it visually? If yes- Contact me. I can’t pay you anything ,but we can come up with a deal where you will get recognition as being the screen writer and hopefully a payment of some kind.Perhaps a 60 /40 split for example? All this depending of course, on any sale or optioning out to a Movie production company.Also there is no guarantee of sale to such entity. I am referring to a ‘spec’ script. My e-mail is

Some days are just blank.

Some days I don’t know what to write. I just draw a blank. I know a writer must write if he/she wants to call themselves  a writer. So this day ,a blankish day in the dead of winter here in the ‘peg’I feel that my 64 year-old body wants to just chill ,take it easy. My real need is for that old muse to show up and kick my butt so as I can work on the latest story I started in September. I have one chapter done. Normally, I would be doing my writing everyday until my book was complete. Then I would spend time editing and a re-write here and there.  Oh well I know that I will complete that book yet. If I quit procrastinating.

Try to dig the church.

Bless me Father for I have sinned! I like saying that it makes me feel good about myself …at least for a an hour or two.

I was born into the Roman Catholic faith. I still respect it though I can’t remember the last time I went to church.(probably two years ago)

I have studied the Holy Bible trying to prove to myself there is a God  and that Jesus of Nazareth, was His actual son. If the “miracles ‘ are true, then He was and Is. I am also a believer in a Universe builder …the ‘Source’ so to speak. ‘The Hand of God’and ‘He spoke it into existence’. Like I said in another blog…..religious belief is based on Faith…something or someone that cannot be proven or seen with the bare eyes. To each his own.


Are we being educated for what were the kind of jobs that were available in the past…….?

In this digital world, there are less  and less “traditional’ types of jobs available. Are most of us over educated?

Even the ‘general labour jobs are slowly disappearing….so how will we make our money so that we can have  a decent life?

Is this where ‘Bit Coin’ comes in?


Something like a poem…

I wrote this after leaving High School after walking past a park full of ‘Hippies’ P.S. I was not stoned.This dates me but what the hay)

Meditate… concentrate! Repeat the sound; let it resound. Feel the scent of thought. Throw off hostilities- Relax alertly. -Let it flow, high and low. -Far and wide, do not hide. Let it reside. Melt and disintegrate…Combine, combine yourself with all. All is now and Here is all. Higher, faster, higher than time- Farther than now! Closer than before! You are not escaping; Only arriving. Welcome! Welcome! ‘Welcome my friend’ to the world of love… and You are Love, You Are Loved. So smile.

Out of the Misty blue haze of Dawn

Good ideas sometimes come “out -of -the -blue”


My gift came- Out of the misty blue haze of dawn. Slowly swirling scintillatingly close it came. Luckily, I grabbed it before it disappeared;and would slink and sink into the lawn. Deep down, I was afraid. Were I to miss it and lose it to someone else’s artsy thoughts…or Would I be dropping by the sight of it- This, I didn’t know. So, with a deep breath,I took hold of it and held on to its ethereal form, as best I could. You know- it was worth it. It’s done alot of good.