What Type of life do you live?

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

Getting diagnosed with having Type 2 Diabetes has changed my life in many ways.

Some of those changes and differences are: I have to check my glucose daily morning ,noon and  before bed …pricking of a finger and measuring it with a strip.. and noting it. Getting an injection of insulin before bed and in the morning (some have more or less) A check up every three months and seventeen pills a day. mostly at my cost. I must eat a snack type of meal 5 times a day watching my calories and carbs. I must not have any or at least very little sugar and other white foods in my diet. I must exercise as much as I can and take a cat nap at least once a day.  My life is so regulated now. It is for  my own good ,but I am not as free as I once was.Image


The Usefulness of Dreaming.

Tell your brain what you want to dream about.

I heard that this really works. I will try it a few times just to see.

There must be something to dreams, I mean more than what has been studied.

Why we dream is fairly well understood. So are the benefits. It clears things up in our heads,our Libido etcetera..

But is there a deeper meaning? A cause ? A Serendipitous happening ? A clandestine meeting? What?

Maybe it is just therapeutic. I  have noticed that I ,most of the time,have felt better  upon waking.

I am happy to have dreams again.  I don’t think I care about the whys and wherefores  we have dreams. To just dream is good enough.

The Dream is real if….

Come to me in my sleep . Let’s talk while I dream.

Come dressed or naked. In colour or in shades of grey.

We can go to a summer park and sit on the bench

The flowers there are not that near the dump with stench.

The sky is as blue as we want it or as filled with fluffy white clouds; as many as we want.

Every passer- by is friendly and will smile. We can cuddle or just talk about what ever comes to mind

They  nod their heads and say “hi!” We reply  in like. They are always kind.

Later, refreshments are served near the park’s fountain, sprinkling us with cooling refresh.

We can run and play in the sun,  with the children, yes, …we are there as children too .Or we can be what we are. We become children again! Or we can stay women and men.

Isn’t that wonderful?  Isn’t this place the greatest? Yet we are alive and well… Oh what joy! What a dream!


Clang Clang, Puff Puff ,SWOOSH!

I am trying to understand what the heck “Steam punk” is?

I  would try to write  a short story or something longer in that genre. But I don’t know what it is exactly. If you know  tell me or send me to where there are some to read. Sounds like a cool challenge. I once wrote a novella based on what someone said. “What about a book about books could you write one on that subject?” So I wrote “Take a Book/Leave a Book”(see at Amazon.com)

(A Poem) ever feel…?

Ever feel like punching that jerk

who always behaves quite crass and gets away with a laugh?

There he goes… away. What you say?He’s just an ass. Loathing the tears of a calf.

Yes away with you before I break you in half. You who has not a heart. Only the mirth of-

of a fool who knows not love.

I care. I do love – whom and where  and when I can. I am a man . I do what I can!

Let’s not let those who hurt others get away with it. Give a shit. Care. Pull out your hair …

Be the love you need.